Inspire 1 Pro aerial video

The aerial shots in this promotional video for Wild West Beef Jerky were taken around the Isle of Lewis in 2016.

Sky-Hero aerial video

These shots were taken in N.E. Scotland in 2014 using a Sky Hero UAV with GoPro 3+ or GoPro 4 Cameras. This is one of our smaller machines, which is a very capable working tool


The opening shots are of Berriedale in Caithness.


In the final footage, you can see some "fish eye" distortion which we usually remove in the editing room, but some people like this effect and it can be left in if wanted by the client. We can film in RAW and Protune depending on what is required.

DJI S900 aerial video

The DJi s900 is equipped with Z14 Gimbal and a Panasonic GH4 camera which is fully 4k compatable. The s900 can be set up for single or two man operations.


Our most recent assignment was to provide some aerial photography of the Isle of Lewis for a promotional video of Stornoway and the island.


The locations were

  • Lews Castle, Stornoway

  • Callanish stones on the west coast of Lewis

  • The Cal Mac ferry leaving Stornoway harbour

  • Stornoway harbour and town


Whilst it is fascinating to walk amongst the stones, to our mind, it is even better to view an aerial perspective of the allignment and shape of the stone circle using a relatively unobtrusive UAV.


Please note that this video is only an initial rough cut of some of our footage rather than a finished product.


Such work requires at least a two person team. One person pilots the UAV, whilst the second person operates the direction and tilt of the camera. On this "shoot" we were lucky enough to be accompanied by Ged Yeates, a camera man with many years experience around the world, doing work for the BBC.